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Meeting the Demands of the Education Sector: How Modular Construction is Transforming Learning Environments

School districts across the nation have experienced unprecedented growth over the past few years as families re-located and populations continue to grow in a post-COVID-19 era. In this rapidly changing landscape, schools and educational institutions must keep up with the demand for new facilities and increased learning spaces. The timelines associated with traditional stick-built construction simply won’t cut it anymore. 

Now, more than ever, school districts are leaning on modular construction to get the space they need, how they need it, and when they need it. With the 30%-50% faster construction schedule that modular construction provides, classrooms and campuses can welcome students, teachers, and faculty in half the time. Portable and relocatable classrooms provide an immediate solution to pressing space requirements. Offsite construction limits downtime and interruptions. Plus, the option for a summer installation eliminates any disruptions and distractions in the learning environment.  

The Benefits of Modular Construction in the Education are Endless  

Manufactured Offsite and Installed Quickly = Minimal Downtime 

No matter the modular solution – whether it’s a single classroom or entire campus, one of the standout benefits of modular construction is the minimal disruption it causes to educational activities. Unlike traditional stick-built construction, modular buildings are manufactured offsite in a controlled environment. This means less noise, less dust, and fewer interruptions on the school campus. Students and staff can continue their daily routines with minimal distractions and disruptions. 

Time-Saving Benefits 

Time is a precious resource, especially in the fast-paced world of education. Modular construction offers significant time-saving benefits. The streamlined manufacturing process, offsite construction, and efficient installation can reduce project timelines significantly compared to traditional construction methods. This results in cost savings and the ability to use the new facilities sooner. Initial concepts can be turned into floorplans in a matter of days rather than weeks with custom modular construction. Then, construction can begin off-site while school is still in session. Installation can then take place when students are on summer break. 

The Strategic Advantage of a Summer Installation 

The summer break presents the perfect opportunity to undertake construction projects in educational facilities. With modular construction, you can schedule the installation of new classrooms or facilities during this time. This means your campus is ready and prepared for the upcoming school year without any hiccups. 

Modular Solutions Fit for the Needs of Every School 

Permanent Modular Construction: Modular Classrooms and Custom Modular Construction 

From multi-purpose school buildings with classrooms, offices and administrative space, break rooms and teacher lounges, restrooms, or kitchens and cafeterias – anything’s possible with modular construction. Oftentimes, more is possible modular construction compared to traditional stick-built construction. This alone is revolutionizing the spaces in which our children learn. 

Portable Classrooms: A Flexible Solution 

Modular construction is all about flexibility, and this is particularly vital in the education sector. Portable classrooms are an excellent example of this adaptability. These structures can be easily relocated and customized to meet the unique needs of each educational institution. Whether you need a temporary solution during expansion or a flexible learning space, portable classrooms offer an affordable and adaptable choice. 

The SAGE Alternative: The Learning Environment Every Child Deserves 

While portable classrooms are an adequate solution to classroom space constraints, they have their deficiencies. Recognizing these deficiencies, Pacific Mobile Structures partnered with Portland State University to create the SAGE Classroom, a resource-efficient modular classroom, to improve the learning experience for students and the bottom line for administrators. The result is a healthy learning environment that with the best in green building practices, including:  

  • Improved HVAC systems incorporate energy recovery ventilation for healthier air, noise reduction, and energy conservation 
  • More and bigger windows increase natural daylight, which stimulates learning 
  • Steel floor structure affords greater portability and longevity 
  • Environmentally safe building materials don’t release toxins into the air  

Building on the award-winning and popular SAGE Classroom, the SAGE Campus offers all the benefits of the original SAGE Classroom across an entire school building and site. As such, it is designed on the principle that productive learning environments for students must begin with healthy spaces and materials. 

Get the Classroom or Campus you Need Today 

At the forefront of providing A+ learning environments for every school for over 40 years, Pacific Mobile Structures is ready to get your school district the space it needs, how it needs it, and when it needs it – all with the utmost speed and ease, and a customer-first approach you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you need a standard portable classroom or a SAGE Campus, our team is here to help. Click the button below to learn more about our modular solutions, see case studies of projects we’ve completed for schools like yours, and request a quote today.


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