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Yakama Nation of Indians

The Yakama Nation of Indians needed a custom facility to supply Wi-Fi and data services throughout the reservation. A 5,376-square foot facility was designed and constructed to meet this need. The building design offered ample space including a large data room, network operations center, telecommunications room, laboratory and electric room. A traditional office layout was configured for staff and visitors including a large office area, breakroom, restrooms, conference room and reception/lobby area. To enhance the functionality and aesthetics of the building an exposed timber covered entryway was constructed along with cement siding.

To provide the necessary amount of static protection, the floors were equipped with static dissipative Armstrong tile and static smart carpet. It was required that the building entry and data rooms were highly secure so they were equipped with electronic card readers on the doors. Daylight and occupancy sensors were mounted in both the ceiling and walls throughout the building to save on energy costs while helping the Nation meet agency and federal energy savings mandates.


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