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5 Questions You Need to Answer Before Renting a Storage Container

Storage containers are the fast, flexible, and convenient way to secure the immediate extra space you need. But there are few questions you need to answer ahead of securing your storage container rental.

1) Do you need a permit?

In most cases, you will need a temporary use permit for a temporary structure on your property, such as a storage container, but it may not be required in some cases. Permitting requirements will vary based on your city, county, and neighborhood codes, so be sure to check your area’s legal requirements with your local authorities.

2) How long do you need the container

Depending on how long you need the container for, we offer better rates the longer the contract. If you don’t know how long you need the container, we offer a month-to-month contract. Ask about our policies around contract termination and contract extension.

3) What size do you need?

Our storage containers come in various sizes to accommodate your unique needs including:

Click here to download the full floor plan set.

4) What features are important to you?

We offer a range of features that can be included in your rental for an additional fee, including:

Locks – Our containers come with standard doors, but we offer heavy-duty steel container locks for your convenience.

Doors – We offer single and double door containers giving you the option of doors on one side or both.

Storage/Office Combo (GLOC) – Like a mobile office, Ground-Level Offices serve as a temporary onsite office in addition to storage. GLOCs are more durable than traditional mobile offices, making them especially popular in the construction industry.

5) How much site prep do you need before delivery?

Usually, some basic site prep is required ahead of the delivery of your storage container. If the site is relatively flat, you’ll just need some basic leveling. If the site is rocky, hilly, or muddy, you’ll likely need to hire a construction team to complete your site prep.

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