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Silver Creek Church

Silver Creek Church needed additional space for pantry storage and classroom space. They decided a modular solution was the best fit due to its faster construction schedule and customization options. They decided to work with Pacific Mobile Structures because of their ability to get them what they needed, when they needed, and how they wanted it – all with the ultimate speed and ease.  

Pacific Mobile Structures provided three buildings over the span of 10 years – a 28X64 classroom in 2013, a 36X60 office with a restroom in 2019, and finally, a 24X60 mobile office in 2023. The buildings were placed directly across from the existing church building and next to it. 

The 36X60 office with a restroom and the 24X60 mobile office were both split to match the original 28X64 classroom provided in 2014. All the buildings feature cool white VWSR on their interiors and half lite windows installed on the doors. The exterior of all the buildings feature T1-11 siding with skirting to match and horizontal sliding windows for easy access. The 24X60 mobile office features ADA ramp access.  

For over a decade, Silver Creek Church has had a trusted partner in the modular construction industry for all their space needs.


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