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Storage Containers for Every Need

Quick, Easy, & Flexible Storage Solutions

Storage containers. We see them everywhere, behind buildings, at softball fields, on school campuses, and on construction sites. But who is using them and for what? Storage containers are the quick, easy, flexible solution that key industries turn to when they need extra space. At Pacific Mobile, we work with professionals in the education sector, construction, healthcare industries, government agencies, and more to meet their unique storage needs.


Most job sites are not complete without a storage container on-site to store tools, supplies, and materials throughout the duration of any project – short or long-term. A job site storage container provides necessary extra space and prevents theft and damage from weather to ensure smooth sailing for any project at hand. Our storage containers use a secure locking system that goes beyond to add an extra level of security.

Besides providing storage containers to support jobsite needs in the construction industry, we also offer ground level office space for a combination of instant office space and on-site storage in one.


With fluctuating class sizes and shrinking budgets, and now a need for social distancing, school districts turn to storage containers for a secure place to keep excess furniture and classroom materials. Offsite storage can be costly, inconvenient, and inaccessible. Storage containers offer school districts and college campuses the storage they need when they need it and how they need it to keep the focus on learning.

Storage containers in the education sector are perfect for storing:

  • Documents and Records
  • Athletic and Band Equipment
  • Yard and Landscape Maintenance Equipment
  • Items Displaced by Renovations and Repairs
  • School Desks and Furniture
  • Office and Healthcare Equipment


At any government level – local to federal, security is critical when it comes to law enforcement equipment, fire department training equipment, and sensitive materials and assets. Police and fire departments, search and rescue, and hazardous response teams have even used storage containers for event simulations.


Many hospitals and healthcare facilities are expanding to meet the increasing population’s rising demands. Storage containers provide the convenient, on-site storage they need to keep patient files and high-cost equipment safe and secure throughout the duration of a project. Rather than expanding, sometimes hospitals need some extra wiggle-room, and an on-site storage container offers just that.

In addition to storage space, today’s world has called for the healthcare industry to think “outside the box” – or rather, outside the four walls of a hospital building to set up testing sites amidst a pandemic. Our ground-level office containers get the job done for an all-in-one set up for storage for testing equipment and materials and a place for healthcare workers to set up shop offsite.

Storage containers in the healthcare industry are perfect for:

  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Hospitals Remodels and New Construction
  • Storing Healthcare Files, Patient Documents, and Tax Records
  • Storing Spare Furniture, Supplies, and Medical Equipment
  • Temporary Ground-Level Offices

If you’re in the market for high-quality, flexible, and convenient storage space, give us a call. We offer various sizes and floor plans, making our storage containers and ground-level offices the most suitable choice to fit any industry’s unique needs.


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